The Best Remote Controlled Vibrators

Is your sex life with your partner becoming a routine?

Incorporating remote control sex toys into your sex life is an incredible way to start spicing up the activities in the bedroom. 

Use of vibrators will always be a great pick, whether as a couple or as an individual, vibrators will ensure that you get that Oh-Moment. 

 The search for the perfect remote control Vibrator can be a struggle though, so I’ve put together a list of the best ones!

The Lovense Lush 2.

 Lovense products are quite reputable in this field and have often been associated with the term “Best Remote control vibrators.” The Lovense lush 2 topping the list for being one of the most sought after vibrators. It is a powerful wireless vibrator that can be modified to have different levels and is Bluetooth enabled. 

 One of its most remarkable features is that it is Bluetooth enabled thus can be easily paired to any Android, Apple, tablet, or computer devices. It is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously, making it easy for a female to reach orgasm.

 Did you know that it is waterproof?, Yes Lovense Lush 2 is an improvement from its counterpart Lovense Lush in that it has a slightly bigger egg that fits the G-spot, and it has been made waterproof. Thus it is perfect for that kinky steamy session in the pool or by the beach and couples on long distance relationships.

 This device has been rated as a five-star due to its numerous benefits.

Lelo Ida 2.

 This product is one of the best sellers for Lelo Company. It is small, compact, wireless, and it is available in a variety of colors. Lelo Ida 2 is an ultra-premium couples massager that offers multiple ways to share intimacy with your partner.

 The Lelo Ida 2 Vibrator is a 2-in-1 kind of Vibrator for couples. The female Vibrator is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. It has sense-motion technology that will give that personal touch in the bedroom.

 The Lelo Ida 2 Device is waterproof, thus easy to clean and can be easily charged using a USB cable, and it can last up to four hours when it is fully charged. When it comes to the sound, the Lelo Ida Vibrator is a pretty quiet device, apart from the moans of pleasure that will escape when using this device. Lelo Ida 2 vibrator is an app controlled vibrator. This product has been rated a four-star by reviewers.

We-Vibe Chorus.

 The We-vibe Chorus is a couples-sex toy that is remote controlled. The We-Vibe Toys has been termed as the Top Sex Toy For Couples, and it is suitable for couples who are on a long distance relationship.

 It is programmed to have ten vibrations modes and intensity levels that will make the bedroom theatrics magical. The magnetic strip enables the vibrators to be held into position for over sixty minutes of pleasure. The Chorus is extremely flexible and, therefore, will be able to hit the right spots. 

 The device can be app controlled by connecting the device to the We-Connect up by pressing the push-button and linking it to the We-Connect app on your partner’s phone. This product of We-Vibe has been rated a four-star.

Lovense Hush.

 The Lovense company is re-known for its outstanding phone-vibrators and anal toys. The Lovense Hush product did not fall short of its reputation. The Lovense Hush device is a powerful vibrating butt plug. 

 It is specially designed for couples who are on a long distance relationship because the devices can be controlled by another partner who is miles away.

 Another unique feature is that one can set their own pace of vibrations; therefore, the pleasure provided by this device is only limited to one’s imagination. It is made of flexible, medical-grade silicone. Its spiral design is made in a way to keep the lubricant in place. This device has been rated as a five-star.

Coco De Mer, Emma.

 Coco Der Mer is popularly known as the love nut or the true butty. It was named after its shape that resembles the Seychelles Coconut fruit.

 Coco Der Mer comes with over 10-speed settings and eight vibration settings. It is waterproof, thus suitable for that hot steamy shower session. 

 The inventors of Coco Der Mer recommends one to use coconut oil as a lubricant. The device is small, easily portable, and is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the mother of all nerves, the clitoris for that Aha Moment.

 However, this device has been termed as extremely noisy, and the charge does not last that long. Therefore, this product has been rated four-star.

The Octopus Pulse (III) Stimulators.

 Not forgetting the male counterpart, the octopus pulse stimulator is designed to have the pulse plate technology that stimulates the penis by oscillating around the shaft of the penis. It is the World’s First Guybrator, and the device has been rated The Top Guybrator In The World. The device can be used manually or automated using a remote control.

 It is meant to sexually stimulate men who cannot maintain an erection during sex. The Octopus Pulse Stimulator can be used for solo or couples play. The exterior of the Octopus Pulse Stimulator also vibrates for interactive couples play. This device can be used with or without a lubricant.

 The Octopus Pulse stimulator is made of medical-grade silicone and has six stimulation modes and an adjustable intensity button. The silicon wings are flexible, making it a suitable fit for any size. 

 The Octopus Pulse Stimulator has been rated as five stars.

Paloqueth Waterproof G-spot Vibrator.

 The Paloqueth Waterproof G-spot Vibrator has been termed as the Most User-Friendly and Affordable Vibrator found in the market. 

 The device is most suitable for couples as it is a 2 in 1 type of Vibrator that simultaneously stimulates the females G-spot and clitoris while giving the males partner a massage to his intimate parts.

 The Paloqueth Waterproof Vibrator is quite thus suitable for that pleasurable thrill when someone is in public. It comes with nine vibration modes, and it is waterproof, making it ideal for shower sex.

 However, according to some reviews, the device has an issue on longevity and its battery life. This device has been rated a 3-star due to its above-listed shortcomings.

The Uprize Remote-Controlled Vooom Bullet.

 This device is the most sought after sex toy due to its unique features. The Vibrator comes as a small package with great promises. Its small size will allow the participants to wear it without the fear of it falling out comfortably.

 The Uprize Remote Controlled Vooom Bullet comes with a lacy inner-wear that holds the Vibrator into positions and gives that sexy touch. The unique feature of this Vibrator is the design of the remote control. It is designed as a ring, making it the perfect disguise for an outdoorsy thrill fun-filled activity. In addition, the Uprize Vooomm Bullet vibrator can be used up to 50 meters away.

The Paloqueth Remote Control Vibrating Prostate Massager.

 The Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate massager has eight vibration modes with two perineum testicles stimulation. The remote works up to a distance of 30 feet, which is approximately about 9 meters.

 Its packaging comes with a Kolleck one lube launcher, that aids in loading up the lubricant. The silicon used to make the Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate Massager is top-grade and flexible with a smooth, silky feeling against the skin.

 One of the fascinating things about this device is that it has three motors, one for the shaft, one for the perineum, and one for the base. This device is suitable for solo plays or couple’s intimate moments, especially if the male counterpart is free to the idea. This product is given a five-star rating.

 The selection and choice of which Vibrator to buy can be quite confusing at first, and there is no perfect vibrator that will meet all of an individual’s needs. It is therefore advocated that one should make a list of all the requirements that they are looking for in a vibrator.

 Once you have done that, look at the specification details of the Vibrator before buying it. Conduct research on the available vibrators in the market and read on the reviews written about them has proved to be an important source of information.

 The cost of a vibrator does not directly correspond to its quality. Some vibrators can be at a relatively low price and offer the same features as other. Pick a vibrator that is within your budget.

 Each Vibrator often comes with a how-to guide on how to use it. The use of vibrators for sexual satisfaction has been somewhat of a sensitive topic, however, with the development of the ideology of sexual freedom and discovery, more and more individuals have embraced the use of sex toys.

 Sex toys from the We-Vibe company and Lovense company have been rated to be the best in terms of design, durability, feel against the skin and specifications. It is advocated that individuals who are beginners should check out their social media pages and official Websites.

The Best Remote Controlled Vibrators

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