Strengthening Kegel Balls



Strengthening Kegel Balls

Intensify your orgasms with Strengthening Kegel Balls!  Did you know strengthening certain muscles — your pubococcygeus muscles (“PC” muscles), to be exact — is one of the best ways to achieve mind-blowing orgasms?

Your PC muscles are located at floor of your pelvis.  (Feel for them now by tightening the muscles you’d use to stop the flow of urine.)  Kegel exercises involve tightening, holding, and then relaxing these muscles.  Our Strengthening Kegel Balls help you exercise those PC muscles to bring your orgasms to new heights!

Use them anytime anywhere.  Find a relaxed position, use a little lube, and gently insert the Strengthening Kegel Balls into your vagina.  Our Strengthening Kegel Balls are 1¼ inches each in diameter and securely connected to one another. The balls are hollow and each contains an internal weight that gently shifts with your body’s natural movements.  This movement coaxes your PC muscles to reflexively tighten and relax as you go about your day.  Use your Strengthening Kegel Balls around the house, on a walk in the park, or during that important board meeting.

  • Exercise your PC muscles to intensify your orgasms
  • 8 inches of balls and cord
  • 3¼-inch long string for easy removal
  • Clean with mild soap and water or sex-toy cleaner
  • Store separately from your other sex toys
  • Use for PC strengthening following childbirth too!

Enhance your orgasmic pleasure with Strengthening Kegel Balls!

Strengthening Kegel Balls


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