The Revolution is Now: SexyLiberation Gives Away 50,000th Free Sex Toy

          We at Sexy Liberation just gave away our 50,000th free sex toy – and we are nowhere near done!  Sexy Liberation has one singular mission  ̶  and that is making sexual self-exploration and sexual freedom a reality for everyone!

We have been working enthusiastically at Sexy Liberation to change how everyone  ̶  and women in particular  ̶  view their bodies, their sexuality, and their sexual rights.  Why women in particular?  Because women benefit personally and empower each other when they speak up, speak out, and speak now about what feels right and what feels good.  At Sexy Liberation, we are working to close the orgasm gap. That’s right: The orgasm gap – For most women, it’s all too disappointingly familiar: One moment you’re lost in the incredibly arousing, mind-swirling sex you’re having with your partner, and the next moment, it’s suddenly over.  It’s come to a screeching halt and…he has climaxed but she has not.  Or, stated in much more accurate terms, sex is over because he has climaxed.

The widespread, orgasm-gap problem is a result of the widely-held, tacit assumption that sex is over when the man ejaculates.  This norm is maintained by cultural traditions that teach girls and women not only to quietly relegate their needs to others but to keep to themselves what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.  In this kind of cultural context, it’s not surprising many women haven’t had the opportunity to learn about who they are sexually and what they like.

We at Sexy Liberation are working to help women -- and all people, really  ̶  to become sexually empowered. The first step is learning about yourself and what you like – and, with time, coming to embrace your personal proclivities and, if and as you choose, sharing your desires and needs with a partner.  Sex toys are a safe way to learn about your body and your personal preferences, and at Sexy Liberation you can get them for free or, in the case of some of our other products, at deeply discounted prices.

We have received shipment requests from people from all over the globe: Women, men, transgender, and pangender folks; bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, and straight people.  So far we’ve shipped to all 6 inhabitable continents and over 70 countries, countries such as Albania, Lesotho, Nigeria, and Vietnam.   

We want to fuel this revolution!  So after mailing out our 50,000th free sex toy, we worked fast to restock our products and we’re ready to do it all over again!   So, how about it?  Would you like a free sex toy?  (Or perhaps a few?)  Do you know someone who might enjoy some exploration?  Keep the revolution going, visit and share!